Episode 47

Published on:

8th Aug 2023

How Aaron Alfini Leverages New Technology For People and Businesses

In the Documentary and DocuSeries, Are You Happy travels the world, asking people of all different backgrounds — Are You Happy? We are all connected and we all have stories to share.

Today we're talking about two of our favorite subjects, happiness and business. Let's explore these two subjects today with our guest: Aaron Alfini, Founder of Aaron Alfini Enterprises and Author of “Harness the Juice,” an Amazon Best Seller.

Learn more about Aaron and Aaron Alfini Enterprises by visiting their website at www.aaronalfini.com.

Enjoying This Podcast? Visit www.happypeople.me to learn more about our worldwide happiness journey with Are You Happy? and visit www.happyproductions.me to learn more about our #1 Short Form Content Agency, Happy Productions.

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The Are You Happy Business Podcast
Highlighting the top business owners and what makes them tick
Highlighting the top entrepreneurs and what makes them tick.

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